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Axe, This is Flesh
battered bullets thumping from my clattered convulsions, like putrid catacomb, crystalizing with carbon
this is cognition captivating; breaking in a jar of jig-saw puzzles – carnivalesque collide
the existential extinct transpires yet I still feel the furrows of tomorrow rattling the flow
gyrating dehydrating thirty minutes before blackout
just like honey
i am soaked and screened under silk intervened with blankets, feeling tectonic
yet transcendent (astonishing fall into vodka)
the drunken pleura inside depresses between every dot of dust; drowning
i stand demonically, wrangling that pig out of the bush
frivolously fleeing to yonder safe haven, absent from sparks and sweethearts
all the while, vultures with oceans, fuck their pockets hard for a vacant vaccine
ashes smashes beside my cement soaked heart, heavily roasted, hiding behind shadows of Monet
i used to mount in the marrow of a railroad track, one foot on either side of the county border line
just so i c
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Spiced Nuts
Effervescent igloo's aching erection illuminates the mind
And I'm bind between black and beige bed sheets, breathing unsystematically
Mathematically masqueraded from the meat-eating assassin
Big Brother boarded on the border, watching my odometer like buzzard to fallen elk, talking stealth;
phones connected to my ether radio. Freedom: published.
And I am aching amidst the brushes and rushes of the river down the ridge,
reaching and preaching for a pebble, polished and pure
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I depart with deep breaths in each breast that needs less innovating
Always creating composure peeking over both persuasive blinds (flickering)
Came across a cotton ball dabbed in an oil-coloured canvas, stripped of tears
                      Instead, skin flakes spill into a silver jazz like scraps of salt
                      I    S    L
                      N   I     I
                           N    N
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Today is My Birthday
under my eyelids, I slip down a staircase   
I riven like rosemary, gushing out of my cerebral cortex, carrying a cold
while my heart, hard as hate, becomes a drunken pleura, perforating ghosts
ghosts gather for warmth while terrain tethers with twilight, tumbling over
I'm running from death in a foetal position
mouth opened wide like a perverse psycho thrill
shadows of love spiral out and flare into
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T_e B__t W_y to F__d Y___self
while a warbling kettle crevices heartlessly in th'air, terror takes a tumble into tundra tapestry
and I, with my pheasant fixed in hand, injuriously jerk up swans
and harvest sunrise swimming behind screens
                                            lacquering liquor
lacklustre liquor lay in a meek and precarious pouch beside a lampshade
lampshade lays on the liquorice stand,  lacking  a lightbulb o' illumination
voluptuous, like venus
* white pearls hanging: rebirth *
:iconbaarish:baarish 2 8
Mudcloud Spangle
Scraps of ghostly sunken spangles break blindly from a bash
I find myself progressing abominably, wracked with rheum, stashed
away from the winter
               Navigating, heart drubbing deftly this side of the winding white sheet;
and mudcloud spangles serenade me to slumber
but collusion bleeds
          through black back alleys
from parapets that point on paws wheezing westward
It's the terror seething that sees a way to succumb in perfect style
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Fluorescent' 'half-dome
fixed face-down, I with arms huffing outward in infinitude, thresh blood like torη up tarot cards
                                                dissolving spirals of sangria
I see lil black airplanes barnstorm over bounding mains like maroon whales, wwwawavwavewaver
wavering from pillar to post
              and in the midst of here, I’ll adhere to the septic lipstick; in liquid, now lazy lips
watching you watching mϧ
as I masquerade as tragedy
[stoked without sound] in the rose sky noir
geranium jesters in a glass jar with a gullet of gook and gunk dangling
         parched like leprosy lemonade stands dusted wit
:iconbaarish:baarish 2 2
Fleeting Preservation:: : :
vermillion c      s enclosed with ties
          i             e
            r         l
                                dried rose p e t   
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Hi, I'm Icarus, I'm Falling
:tracing my veins, in the rain, with black marker stains:
You could say, a run of ink recedes from my hand
splurge, like a rainstick
into a spineless raven
fluctuating in idyllic confinement
for the fallacious daisies, overlaid with leaded leaves
          [pretty when the movements slow]
frightened like a foggy lullaby
          [when summer sun sets vicious snow
          of magnolias]
My eyelids draw themselves to sleep
and silence is where my heart creeps
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Mature content
Sexsuade--I caught a cow :iconbaarish:baarish 4 8
Artless Hustling
in the trough of the tides which are pawing like pooches
pitch we, pale-faced and grave, drown mute as metal
this big bell of ours, awkwardly awakened
makes me sing and rise like a sparrow, shaken
          sounds of sword-tail crickets in the gaseous tunnel
until all our bones are dolorous with briars (breathing)
and our clement capillaries tangle up in wires
          our bodies recoil from the grip of the soil
hear it fall forevermore
:iconbaarish:baarish 2 2
Mature content
Bloodsports in Wintertide :iconbaarish:baarish 2 4
Mahogany Monogamy
Attaining my wax’d teeth at the arm of my armchair from a mirror of flaccid affairs
they shard away glass remains transfixed with an apparitional glow,
                    tucked ‘til the morn and the morn after
When the wind circles unwind among the trees
and whams about the new-made leaves,
I’m better underwater where my eyes can’t see
whilst riding on the back of their dirty blank keys
The stairs can’t stand people stepping on them without saying sorry
And a thousand grains of sand escape my grasp [slow-motion] with eyes purred,
as water cascading down a cracked mind like a cut into arcane terracotta
Please, before you melt into people of desire, please
give me your antidote for my antihistamine that’s packed in my pockets too far
        [I’m already weighed down, you see]
Diversified diamonds and s
:iconbaarish:baarish 4 4
The Movements and the Rift
O sky of wise, O wool of tender grinding at my gate,
wheeze a triturated tangibility among the termites,
as if you’ve become the ant’s arterial and the flagon’s fumigation
Then half-homicide’ll hither in my head,
kinetic to a kaleidoscope concerto in an incubator
Now, the pathogens are protagonists to the pathway in me
drowned in destitute perfume [it’s still my favourite]
And I, of deistical ways, laugh every time I fall into these—
these equipotential tunnels of enigma,
spilling away like Icarus—spilling further away
Yonder brimstones bursts brilliance beneath emptiness
with social stability smiting every last remorse and innocence
A forgery, a fishing lure shivering for dry cynicism
from the dust of every earth enveloping
:iconbaarish:baarish 2 0
Mature content
The Hero Gave Me Brain Zaps :iconbaarish:baarish 1 2
Mature content
Oceansssshuffling :iconbaarish:baarish 1 2


Music Video of the Week 41: Here is some typography genius at work. This video tells a tale of a taxi ride adventure, rushing a woman in labour to the hospital. The clever part of this video is that everything in the city is spelled out in words; cars are represented by the word cars and move as such. Buildings, streets, pedestrians and even the sky are all worded out, but symbolize the exact item they represent by moving and/or shaping of typography. This is a cult video for font lovers and graphic designers alike!

Check out the video here!

Last 5 Weeks

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Current Residence: 0ntario
Favourite genre of music: indie rock, dubstep, neo-electro, grime, freak-folk, experimental techno
Favourite photographer: bart pogoda, richard avedon
Skin of choice: human flesh
Personal Quote: good taste is the enemy of creativity


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